Being a Certified Forensic Accountant


Forensic accounting experts are often Certified Forensic Accounting Professionals (CFAP) who investigate unusual financial activity to uncover embezzlement of funds, bribery and corruption, money laundering, and employee fraud. Certified Forensic Accounting Professional is one of the oldest certifications in the forensic accounting domain in India. They may be employed by banks managing corporate loans (avoid potential Nirav Modi-type incidents), credit card companies, audit firms or any company suspecting financial fraud by employees or clients.

Crime’s latest address is the Internet, and India is estimated to report one cyber attack every 10 minutes, according to the Indian Computer Emergency Response Team . Air tickets being booked without the credit cards owner’s knowledge, ransomware attacks threatening online leakage of private pictures, to extort bitcoins, to name a few, are some examples. Experts work with banks, credit card and e-commerce companies to counter such threats.

Forensic scientists are trained in crime scene analysis, tracking evidence as well as forensic pathology.