Scope for forensic accounting in India


Certified Forensic Forensic Accounting Professionals is one of the oldest certification program in India. The course was started in 2008 and was started much before any other Indian Accounting body even thought of the same. Today, the Certified Forensic Accounting Professionals are spreaded across the globe and are working in the different areas of the fraud and investigative audits. The demand for forensic accountants is ever increasing due to

  • Growing Non Performing Assets – Reserve Bank of India mandates forensic audit of Red Flagged Accounts and the accounts which are restructured.
  • SFIO Actions – Serious Fraud Investigations Office setup under Ministry of Corporate Affairs had many cases reported for fraud waiting to be investigated by Certified Forensic Accounting Professionals (CFAP)
  • EOW of Law Enforcement – Economic Offences Wings also require help of experienced Certified Forensic Accounting Professionals (CFAP).
  • Internal Investigations – Big Multi National Companies have many incidences of internal fraud being reported which warrants an investigation. Certified Forensic Accounting Professionals with the blend of digital forensic services are always called in for such investigations.
  • Forensic Due Diligence – In case of mergers forensic due diligence is carried out on the background of the promoters and the key management professionals.

Additionally, the certification gains weightage because of the success stories of the members. Social Media platforms like Linkedin are flooded with the success stories of the influential alumni of Indiaforensic.